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Welcome to the Official Horde for Life Guild Site

If you are interested in learning more about our guild, please read on. HFL is a casually serious World of Warcraft guild located on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We are a very large, active, community based and drama free guild. Horde for Life offers a max level guild environment for those players that refuse to let the game become a job. Horde for Life also offers a Warcraft and MMO focused podcast and active blog site as well as a friendly drama free environment.

While we encourage all members and prospective members to review our robust charter located HERE, we recommend for those that want to get an idea of what HFL is all about, to read the following two sections; the H.O.R.D.E. Code and Guild Charter Synopsis. This should at least give you a good idea if we are a good match for your play style and in-game attitude.

The H.O.R.D.E. Code
H – Honor
O – Opportunity
R – Respect
D – Dedication
E – Equality

The H.O.R.D.E. Code is a summary, at the most basic level, of our core beliefs and tenants. We expect every member of Horde for Life from the Guild Leader down to the trial member to treat  this code equally as a guiding principle for behavior expectations in Horde for Life.

H – Honor:
We demand our members be honorable and fair in their actions. Show integrity for yourself, the guild and our members. Nefarious and thus dishonorable activities such as ninja looting, harassment, vulgarity and dishonesty are not welcome in Horde for Life and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

O – Opportunity:
We believe that guilds should enhance, not limit a players opportunity to enjoy the game and the many various play styles that are available in any manner that they wish, provided it is done so in a stress and drama free environment and while not breaking our simple but zero tolerant guild rules.

R – Respect:
As a guild that strives to accommodate many play styles and dedications, we believe strongly that respect for one another is of paramount importance to the cohesion of the guild and it’s community. To maintain this level of respect we ask that members do not cross boundaries that include but are limited to off-color or uncomfortable topics like vulgarity or racism or controversial topics such as politics or religion. Many people know the word respect but do not always understand the true meaning, we expect all our members to understand this fully.

D – Dedication:
Horde for Life members are expected to maintain certain activity levels within the guild and to advance our exposure and good name on the server and within the community. Every member can and should contribute even in the smallest of ways, including but certainly not limited to welcoming new members, being helpful in guild chat to answer a question, providing your trade skills to others in guild and participating in those guild events that fit your play style. These activities are crucial to our growth and sustainability.

E – Equality
While it is technically impossible to create a true and literal flat guild hierarchy, Horde for Life strives to provide a eqalatarian and democratic structure where every member has a voice. Just like any organization from governments to charities, leadership must be maintained, but privileges, ranks and authority in Horde for Life are based, in their entirety, on merit, necessity and attitude as opposed to gear or level.

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